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One comes across new acronyms every other day. Recently I learnt of one more which was new- to me. WILB or Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing.  A new study that has caught the attention of the blogging world in general and those associated with employee productivity in particular comes from the University of Melbourne.

Workplace internet leisure browsing (WILB) can help sharpen workers’ concentration,” said Brent Coker, from the University’s department of management and marketing. “People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration.”

Coker defines WILB as browsing the web for information and reviews of products, reading on-line news sites, playing on-line ganes, catching up with activities of friends through social networking sites and watching YouTube videos.

The study showed that 70 % of employees use internet at work for personal use. I would have thought the figure might be even higher. Those who used the internet for such purposes weere found to be 9 % more productive than others who did not.

Good news then for emplyees chaffing at bars imposed by employers at work. Food for thought for employers spending huge amounts of time and effort in blocking sites and access to internet.

Anything within moderation is fine. I am sure the study doesn’t suggest that those addicted to internet should spend the whole of the working day surfing the net under the guise of ” improving productivity”.