You would have noticed in your blog as well as those of others that some posts seem to grab the attention of readers more than most. In my blog, a post about Anshu Jain’s work in Deutsche Bank way back in August 2007 continues to be a highly popular read. It was called ” High Flying Indian- Anshu Jain“.

Anshu is in the news again. This time, as widely expected, he has been elevated to the Board of Deutsche Bank– effective April 1, 2009. He is the very first Indian to get this distinction. The 46 year old Mr. Jain is the Global Market Head for Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank and one of the most successful in the world . It has over 80,000 employees in 72 countries.

It’s early days yet but his appointment leads us to believe that he could be a contender for the top most spot in Deutsche Bank. The current CEO, Josef Ackermann is scheduled to retire in May 2010.