Unlike now, a fair number of years ago the term “employee engagement” was relatively new. The question ”  Are your employees engaged? ” brought forth a variety of answers. One manager told me ” Yes, but many of them are on contract and not directly engaged”. Another manager when asked in a fact finding conversation, ” Are you yourself engaged?” by one of our lady Consultants gave a  somewhat sheepish smile and coyly said ” I am actually married with one child”.

David Zinger has been doing some terrific work in the area of employee engagement. I am a frequent visitor, as a member of his social network on Ning called “The Employee Engemenrt Network“. Strongly recommended for folk who wish to learn what others across the world are doing to generate employee engagement in their work places. The network, as far as I can make out, is one of the fastest growing of its kind and reportedly has nearly 1000 members. That’s really cool!

David has over 25 years experience as a management consultant and lives in Manitoba, Canada. I have contributed to some of the group tasks that David has in his network from time to time.

For anyone wishing to share ideas and learn about employee engagement, interacting with David and the others at his network is an excellent investment of time.