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One has heard of fairs of different kinds. In an economy hit by recession, job fairs are very popular with the unemployed or the shortly-to-be unemployed reaching there to look out for alternate job opportunities. But a divorce fair? Here’s a new one on me. Britian is soon to have a first of its kind- divorce fair at the sea side resort of Brighton.The event – called The Starting Over Show- has exhibitors who include counsellors, color therapists and sellers of good old chocolate!  They have paid upto 1600 pounds for a stall.

Britian has a divorce rate of 2.6 for every thousand which is higher than the European average of 1.8 for every thousand.

Wouldn’t it be very interesting to know the results of the divorce fair? Did some people regret the divorce, did others choose new partners or did yet others go away convinced that now they should be divorced?