How many times have you fretted and fumed as your favorite show went into yet another commercial break? Very annoying these commercial breaks aren’t they? How often do you automatically reach out for the TV remote when a commercial break is announced? Yet, recent research indicates that the shows you enjoy are actually being  made more enjoyable by the very commercial breaks you have come to detest.

Benedict Carey writes in the  New York Times about new research carried out by Leif Nelson and his colleagues. Based on the research findings, Nelson, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of California , San Diego says the commercials make the TV program more enjoyable.

Reading the article makes me believe the same is the case with the many activities we do all through the day. It has to do with too much of a good thing being bad. The joy of an activity increases when you resume it after an interruption. To make an exaggerated point, eating can be fun- but not when you eat all day long.

Likewise, if we are struggling with a difficult task, a break can be very invigorating and we return refreshed to tackle the task at hand.

Variety, as is said, is the spice of life. For most of us an average day has its ups and downs, peaks and troughs. That’s what make living such a joy!