It’s amazing how people all over the world share similar thoughts. The incident I refer to took place a few days ago.  A friend who was visiting from the US expressed a lot of surprise at my knowledge of the state of the US economy. She was surprised when I told her that I -living in distant Bangalore, India-read several US newspapers and journals almost every day- apart from reading many blogs of others in my profession as an executive coach.

I sincerely believe that true value is added in a coaching relationship when you as the coach are abreast of the latest happenings and have recent insights into the business or area concerned.

This point was re-inforced when I read what Carolyn de Voest  in far away Canada had to say in her blog “Better Your Best”

There’s no end to learning. You need to stay well informed to stay on top of your job- more so when you are coaching others.