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If you are a fan of P G Wodehouse, join the new network I have created at Ning called ” Celebrating Wodehouse”. To me he remains my biggest stress buster! Every one has their special way to relieve stress. For some active physical exercise does the trick. For others it’s listening to music. To each his own, in a manner of speaking.

To me, consistently over the years, one stress buster that never fails- is reading ( or should I say re-reading) P. G. Wodehouse. Today, 34 years ago, he passed on – a legend in his lifetime. He wrote nearly a hundred books and has a devoted fan following all over the world.

What set “Plum” Wodehouse apart? As far as I am concerned it is his style of writing. He had the ability to conjure up interesting plots built around characters who are so well depicted that we feel that we know them – individually and collectively. Without doubt he stands amongst the best of all time writers of humor.

For the uninitiated, here is a small sampling of his writing from The Quotations Page.

I am sure this will give them as much pleasure as it does to die hard fans like me.