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I have always enjoyed a good cartoon. The skill of the cartoonist is not just in drawing funny faces but in seeing humor in day to day events and capturing them in an interesting and rib tickling way. Laughter is a major stress buster and I recall a series I enjoyed so much in the Reader’s Digest called ” Laughter-The Best Medicine”.

One cartoonist whom I have followed over the years and have admired is Randy Glasbergen. His cartoons span a wide variety of topics and he captures the environment we work in so effectively in each of them.

Here is one on being happy/unhappy.

I like to drop in at his site and enjoy his cartoons from time to time. Highly recommended as a stress buster.

However, you can’t filch these cartoons. Be aware of copyright issues that govern them.

Feel free to add any other sites that can make us do something we need to more of these days- laugh.