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A year fraught with economic turmoil. A year which could be the beginning of a new epoch. Most organizations have faced tough times – some more than others. Big names have vanished and most others wonder how to sustain themselves in uncertain times. Yet, there are a few organizations that are considered The Best Companies To Work For in 2009 as per Fortune.

Who are these?

We have  a new No. 1 in NetApp, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. The data storage and management company which has featured in this list for the last 5 years was ranked 14 last year.

At No.2 is Edward Jones, a St. Louis, MO based Brokerage firm.

Tops among the big consulting groups is the Boston Consulting Group at No.3.

Google  falls to No.4. yet attracts 777,000 applicants each year.

At 5th place is Wegmans Food Markets, followed by Cisco Systems at No.6.

Genentech, a biotech leader is at No. 7, with Methodist Hospital System at No.8 and Goldman Sachs at No. 9.

The last place in the Top Ten goes to Nugget Market, a supermarket chain which has had no lay offs in 81 years.

An interesting mix of organizations. Underscores the point that you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best- especially when it comes to people.