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The thing about well executed training is that it stands you in good stead – as it is meant to-when you need it the most. Many have to thank the training they received in their childhood or their youth for their successes in adulthood. Recently, 150 passengers aboard US Airways flight 1549 had to thank the cool professionalism shown by their pilot, Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III.

In a rare event, it appears both the engines of the Airbus 320 packed up  possibly due to bird hits. Being acutely conscious of the densely populated area around him, Capt. Sullenberger chose to land his fully loaded jet in the Hudson river. He displayed  a very cool mind and terrific flying skills to land in the river even as he signaled rescue boats to help the 150 passengers and crew of 5. By some miracle not one person died.

Capt. Sullenberger, aged 57, is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy after which he flew F-4 fighters for the Air Force. In this accident, he not only showed tremendous presence of mind but also a willingness to back his capabilities.

Many have lived because of his competence. They, I am sure, will be most grateful for his cool display of professionalism.