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As you grow older are there more ” Don’ts” taking over your life?  “Don’t have one more drink”  or ” No more chocolates for today” for example. The next time someone tells you not to reach out eagerly for the next slab of chocolate or the next glass of wine, tell them that you have it from an authoritative source that these can actually be good for you.

Recent research seems to suggest that chocolate, wine and tea inmprove brain performance. Researchers at Oxford along with their colleagues in Norway found that those who consumed these in larger quantity were found to have a lower incidence of dementia.

With the festive season coming up, this is indeed good news. However, do exercise moderation in all that you do- too much of a good thing can also be bad:)

So here I go. I plop in the next chocolate and raise a toast in red wine to you and yours- for a Very Merry Christmas and a Bright, Happy & Safe 2009.