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The guns have fallen silent. The terrorists are dead. The city of Mumbai limps back to normalcy after an unforgettable ordeal. It is estimated that 195 people -of many nationalities lost their lives and over 300 are injured-some of them very seriously.

Even as we reconcile ourselves to getting on with our lives, many stories emerge of heroism. Not only of the famed National Security Guard, and the Marcom-the naval commandos, but also of the perhaps less glamorous wings of the police forces. We can’t forget too the firemen who worked tirelessly to put out the flames despite grave risks to themselves.

There are stories too of the extraordinary help provided by the employees of the two luxury hotel chains- The Taj and The Oberoi. In TV interviews and the print media, guests at the hotel have without exception spoken of the resourcefulness, tact  and courtesy exhibited by hotel staff despite very trying circumstances. Here’s an account given by an Irish lady. A guest who had gone out of the hotel explained how he received a SMS from the hotel staff warning him not to return to the Taj as it was under fire.

Mr. Oberoi, Chairman of the Oberoi group praised his staff for helping many guests. Others spoke of how the employees helped them go to safety first.

Hats off to the employees of the Taj and the Oberoi. They have made their organizations proud. By all accounts most of them showed tremendous customer orientation under the most difficult circumstances often in life risking situations. Truly, the strength of an organization is its people.

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