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There is news of economic downturn wherever you look. The press and media in general don’t seem to be getting enough of “bad news” all around. Big names which once were synonymous with performance looked ready to shut shop. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Citibank are but a few examples. Feeling pressurized with likely job losses and a somewhat uncertain future, affecting not only the US but many other countries as well, it is understandable that everyone wants to know: ” Who is responsible for this mess? Who is accountable? “.

What makes the situation more intriguing is that we are in the very end of one Presidency and moving swiftly to the start of another.

Lee Thayer, a distinguished management thought leader writes about  accountability in his blog The Leader’s Journey.  I wonder who really is accountable. Is it the top management team responsible for strategy? Is it the shareholders who didn’t bother too much how the company made money-as long as it did? Is it a general failure of management primarily because of complacency?

I wonder if time will tell us who is/was accountable?

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