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I enjoyed reading a post by Stephanie Vora called ” Are You Happy With Your Work/Life Balance? ” . Ms. Vora, a certified coach in the UK lists a series of questions to prompt you to think about how “in-balance” your life is. So much is said and talked about work/life balance these days. I ask: What does it mean to you? Is it about the number of hours you spend at work? Is it about the lack of time and energy to do anything other than work?

To my mind, work/life balance, as is often said is not about a mathematical equation of the amount of time spent at work-or indeed at home.There are two parts to the equation. One is the work you do, irrespective of where and when you work for a living. The other is the aspect relating to your family, your health and other interests which taken together form the ‘life’ part of the equation.

The need for the balance becomes acute when havoc is created in one dimension of the equation- either work or life -because of the poor management of the other. More often than not, work takes priority and the other aspects are neglected till they assume crisis-like proportions. Sometimes, though not often, family and health issues can take up so much time and energy that they have an adverse effect on your job performance and over a period of time, even your career prospects.

What, may I ask, does work/llfe balance mean to you?

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