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The title is not meant to suggest that working wives are not or cannot be home makers. It’s just to trigger discussion on a question I saw recently. “Do Men Prefer Working Wives?” asks Ritu Varma in her article in the Times of India. The answer seems to be an overwhelming “yes”. But I guess such an answer is – in India at least-largely restricted to the urbanites.

Primarily due to higher levels of education among women, a more conducive and accepting environment for women at work and the sheer economic need to earn more to lead a better life- more and more men do prefer working wives.

At the same time, it must be said that often the grass, as they say, looks greener on the other side. Ask a young couple struggling to bring up their children in a relatively unfamiliar place pretty much on their own. They are likely to say that it would be nice if she could give up her job- at least for a few years.

Likewise, the young man struggling to eke a living in a big city keeps dreaming of the time when he can earn more. One solution which readily presents itself is to marry a working lady with the reassuring thought that two incomes are better than one. Especially in times of economic crisis where one may get laid off due to reasons beyond their control.

I believe for better work/life balance, it is really a matter of compatibility between the couple. It doesn’t really matter whether the wife is working or not. Even with a working wife, people have run into a fresh set of problems, ranging from conflicting priorities, the need to “sacrifice” careers and hurt egos.

I guess it’s to each their own. Choose what suits you best but count your blessings and don’t look only at the negatives of a relationship- because there will always be some negatives  in every relationship.

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