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Recently, I came across Overnight Sensation -a blog written by James Feudo. In this I read his post called ” Motivation: The Power of Youth” which brought back memories of childhood-a relatively carefree period in our lives. He writes of the very different perspective children have . I guess we are so caught up in the day to day grind of making a living that we cease to enjoy – or have no time for- the very things we did when we were kids.

Another aspect that strikes me is that we totally lose our creativity as we grow older. The creative muscles have to be exercised too- just like the physiological muscles- otherwise they will simply wither away. As kids, we were sharp and could genuinely think “out of the box’. This is best demonstrated by the kinds of questions children ask.

Sadly for most of us, the creative edge gets lost as we are taught- formally or otherwise – that we need to “conform”. In creativity workshops, the first thing we do is to get participants think like kids. They were then at their creative best.

Never pass over an opportunity to be with kids. If you have your own, make it a point to spend time with them every day. Stay in touch with them. You stand to gain so much through observing them-their sheer exuberance, enthusiasm , optimistic outlook and- of course, their creativity.

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