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Cathleen Benko is the Vice Chairwoman & Chief Talent Officer for Deloitte L.L.P. She writes in the New York Times about how the old order is changing for the new in corporate America. Only about 15 % of families there now have the traditional pattern (which many of us grew up in) where Dad went to work and Mom stayed at home to bring up the kids. Career mean different things to different people. The days when moving up the organizational hierarchy was equated with career progress are over.

With changing times, come newer trends. I realized that much of what Cathy Benko wrote about is valid in India too.  Here are a few of the more pronounced trends I see around me:

  • Working spouses: More people have working spouses: This has many advantages in terms of understanding of mutually important issues. It also brings a new set of challenges of balancing career intesters which sometimes come into conflict.
  • Multiple Incomes: Older people now have the luxury of having multiple incomes within the family. Dad, Mom and the children are all out at work. The parents work during the day while often the children work at nights, in the huge BPO business.
  • More career options for women: Much higher openness to women taking to otherwise closed career options. More becoming pilots, joining the military or seeking a career in politics and government.
  • Multiplicity of Cultures: Greater blend of people across regions, sections of society, countries and educational backgrounds making a melting pot of otherwise traditional cultures.
  • Avenues for entrepreneurship: Both men and women in increasing numbers are taking to entrepreneurship in ventures-big and small- to give them more career fulfillment.
  • Global influences: We are truly part of one world. Unlike in the past we are no longer insulated from what happens in other countries. We are affected by the economic and social developments both for the better and for worse.

As they say, changing times call for new solutions. Are you prepared and well equipped with the required competences to participate in these exciting times?

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