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It’s a well recognised fact that we are able to communicate more effectively with others when we have a good command over the language. In this, our vocabulary plays an important part. Can this be developed or is it too late, is something that I am often asked. The answer, fortunately, is that a better vocabulary can most certainly be developed. I have been a subscriber to A.Word.A.Day for many years now.

A Word A Day comes into your mailbox everyday with the pronunciation of the day’s chosen word, its meaning, its etymology ( origin in short)  and an example of its usage. It has given me a lot of joy as also knowledge about the origin and meanings of many words. This has been the brainchild of Anu Garg who has been in the US for many years now. You might be surprised to know that everyday AWAD goes out to 640,000 people in 200 countries. See the detailed list here.

How AWAD started and its progress over the years is captured in an article in the New York Times.

You might like to subscribe to it and gain- as I have.

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