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How often have you waited for that one email that never seems to come? How often have you had to put up with hundreds of others -which you could do without- but come with irritating regularity into your inbox? I came across this interesting post about email in The Bing Blog.

As is well said technology tools can really boost productivity  if put to effective use-just as they can be a major pain if not used as they were meant to be. Most of us struggle to cope with the information overload we are subjected to at work.

Do your bit to reduce the strain caused by email on others:

  • Avoid copying others indiscriminately
  • Walk across and talk to people- instead of sending a flurry of mails to them, even if they are in the next cubicle
  • Make it clear that you need not be informed about every single thing going on in your office
  • Avoid forwards unless you believe they are essential- most of them aren’t.
  • Skip the chain mails- don’t add others to the list – especially those you don’t know too well- only to get it off your back.
  • Keep your mails to the point and as crisp as possible

We were led to believe that email will help us move towards paperless offices. As I look around me, I find that we probably generate more paper and paperwork through emails than ever before. Avoid taking print outs of mails- unless you really need them in that form.

Try these tips out- you will help many others- and yourself in the bargain.

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