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What’s the job of your leadership team? You may say this is pretty obvious. But -is it? Are they on the same page as regards what they need to focus on? In any case, when was the last time you had a conversation with them about what you expected of them? What, anyway, should a senior executive do? In times of economic crisis when the business prospects of many organizations are shaky to say the least, it is probably the best time to do some introspection on this. These and more thoughts come to me prompted by a recent blog post by Peter Roche. I found this to be very pertinent. He writes in his blog on Executive Coaching about

some elements of a senior executive’s multi-facetted role.

Peter is Managing Partner at the London Perret Roche Group LLC, a US based-international consulting firm, which he co-founded. Amongst the list described in Peter’s post, I particularly liked the one which read: “Leave people in better shape then you found them”.

I believe these points are particularly relevant right now, when the entire world is fighting to come out of an impending economic crisis of huge proportions. We as senior executives must lead from the front.

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