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Just read a blog post about Work-Life Balance that I thought was very well written and specially meaningful. It is by Dr. Mary Coussons-Read in her site Powerful Mind Coaching. She is the Professor of Psychology and Health & Behavioural Science at the University of Colarado, Denver.

She writes of how we have grown to believe that work is supremely important. We end up with a sense of guilt that we have not been able to spend as much time on other non-work events- which are equally important.

I have often felt that this is a major difference between “knowledge” and “skills”. All of us know that it is important to have a good work-life balance, yet many struggle to cope. Those who are skilled get the best out of life and enjoy it to the full. The difference is one of approach and the priorities they assign to different facets of their life.

It makes so much sense to assign the right priorities to things in life. We know they are important , yet we miss doing the things that perhaps matter the most. The sad thing is that often by the time we realize our mistakes- it s already too late.

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