Uncertain times create stress in all of us. The causes of worry are manifold. For someone, it is the sinking value of investments made over time in the stock market. The last few sessions have blown away everything you had gained. Many are in grief when they see the levels to which their stock values have fallen. For others, the job scene is a source of stress. From walking around exploring numerous job offers- each one more lucrative than the other- to lying low and hoping that your name is not in the next list of lay offs, is a sea change.

Those who invested in real estate hoping to make a killing based on the demand supply situation have been in for a disappointment. The demand has become very sluggish and people don’t know what to do with the apartments they bought as investments as they now have to pay higher EMIs on their bank loans as well.

In such a scenario, I liked the article by Sanjeev Sinha in the Economic Times recently called “Streamline Your Financial Life”. It has a lot of practical advice. Read this because it could move you to take decisions which would reduce your stress and make you a happier person.

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