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They say time is relative. If you are enjoying an activity, time simply seems to fly. If the activity is not to your liking, time seems to drag on remorselessly.Time also seems heavy when you start something which must take its own course of time and there’s nothing you can do to reduce that time. An example that readily comes to mind is the frustrating wait while your PC or laptop boots up. When I have an important presentation to make, I keep the laptop on standby or walk in with the presentation ready for my client. But this doesn’t work always. Sometimes, they want to talk about other things to start with.

I have discovered over time that such a wait is considered quite acceptable as it is inevitable.But here’s something exciting. That seemingly long wait- actually just a couple of minutes- may get reduced soon. In another example of customer driven innovation, computer manufacturers are working hard to develop systems which will enable PCs to boot up in less than a minute.  We are told that HP, Dell and Lenovo are rolling out machines which bring basic functions such as email and web browsing in 30 seconds or less. For more details see this Interesting article in the New York Times. Looks as if we will have more time on our hands when this comes through. The days of waiting for what seems like eternity for the PC to boot up may pretty much be over.

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