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I continue to marvel at some of India’s achievements. I wonder if being of a generation that largely grew up in an environment of scarcity makes us marvel at these more than others. The most recent of them was the flawless launching on October 22 of Chandraayan-1 spacecraft-on a mission to the moon. This makes us extremely proud of India’s space scientists led by the Indian Space Research Organisation, here at Bengaluru.

This spectacular start to India’s joining the select few nations who have reached this point in exploring space is best described by the pundits themselves. Complete details of the scope of the project are given in the press release issued by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The Chandrayaan launch speaks volumes of the dedication and capability of India’s scientists. Hardly given much publicity and living in their own world – far away from prying eyes- although they initially faced a certain degree of skepticism, they have shown the world what they are truly capable of. Their feat demonstrates that they are as good as the best in the world. There are plans to launch the first Indian into space by 2014 and to put a man on the moon by 2020.

I believe the Chandraayan launch has many ramifications. I hope it will re-ignite an interest in science amongst the youth of India. For too long, pure sciences have been ignored with every bright person wanting to become a software engineer and join the teeming IT population. The achievements of the space fraternity will bring great excitement to youth looking for diverse career options.

As far as job satisfaction goes, in my experience, very few in India have the kind of “high” that our defence  and space scientists have. Their stories may not be much publicized, they may be better known for payloads rather than pay packets and yes, their pay packets may not be sky rocketing.. but they have proved they can develop and launch state of the art rockets and spacecraft. Truly, there is much to say for intrinsic job satisfaction.

We salute our space scientists. They have made the country proud.

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