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If you were to ask me about the most striking difference between today and a decade ago, I would have no hesitation in saying it is the extent of connectivity we enjoy. Born out of this is the mushrooming of opportunities to get involved in and even start social networks. I have had the pleasure of reaching out to and interacting with people in different parts of the world-which would have been beyond possibility a decade ago. Starting from the pioneering Yahoo Groups, I got involved in Ryze and LinkedIn. I now have over 500 contacts in LinkedIn and have gained from my interactions with most of them.

I wanted to make my blog more participative and found a relatively new outlet- for me atleast- in Ning. They describes themselves as ” an online service to create, custiomize and share a social network. I have been a member of a couple of networks that were of professional interest for me.

I have certainly gained from these memberships. It has given me access to the minds of many experts. To the thoughts and opinions of many others. It has given me a flavour of how there are differences in the way we think and approach issues. That there is so much knowledge out there. The answers are there. You need to take the trouble to find them. I would urge you to participate in social networks of your choice- you will be the richer for the experience.

I have recently started a People At Work & Play social network within Ning. It would be wonderful to have you drop in at this site and join us. I would very much appreciate your contributing to the growth of others- helping them to leading a fulfilling life- through your active participation. Thank you in anticipation.

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