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Michael Lee Stallard, the President of E Pluribus Partners, a firm specializing in employee engagement and productivity, has a thought provoking article in the Economic Times . Here he speaks of six universal needs. I feel events in the recent past- not only in the United States but indeed all over the world- have brought to the fore one more important need. The need to be learning all the time. To un-learn and re-learn as situations and circumstances change. To be flexible and adapt to new challenges, which we may never have imagined. If you had asked someone a few months ago whether Lehman Bros. would file for bankruptcy – you know the answer you would have got.

I see many executives giving the lowest priority to one aspect of professional development which I believe is so very important- that of having learning goals. Many become complacent with success and stop thinking of learning, leave alone learn new skills.

Ask yourself constantly what you need to learn to stay ahead of the pack. A stitch in time, says the old adage, saves nine. Change before you have to change.

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