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The best way to understand a concept is to tie it up with a real life example. Why do people seek executive coaching? Are they looking for : a) a sounding board b) a guide or c) a person to tell them the truth. The reasons why people choose coaching as a methodology for them to develop as professionals as well as individuals vary. I was interested to read a blog post by Jon Silvers, out in California, who speaks of what made him choose to look out for an executive coach.

I too give a lot of importance to personal meetings in the coaching process. There is so much more that gets done when you sit at a table together as distinct from talking over the phone. The way feelings get transmitted in a one on one discussion can never be replicated so strongly on the phone. I do realize that huge amounts of coaching gets done over the phone. This is not to say that coaching over the phone has no value.There are times and circumstances when it can be the best option. Yet, in my view, I just believe it is less effective.

Jon seems to have found a good coach in Betsy Gullickson. I look forward to his posts in the future regarding how this coaching has helped.

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