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Run getting is a feature that makes cricket so very interesting. With the advant of Twenty20, it appears to be moving to be greatly in favour of batsmen. Yet one must give the top batsmen credit for the runs they have amassed in the different forms of the game. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar needs no intrdoduction to followers of cricket the world over. Yesterday he reached a peak unsurpassed so far when he became the first man to score more than 12,000 Test runs. Many have not scored 12,000 runs in a lifetime of cricket, leave alone in Tests fought against opponents for nearly two decades. Ever since he made his debut against Pakistan as a 16 year old with precocious talent, it was clear that Sachin was to be a master in times to come.

He now stands at the pinnacle of success. His records include:

  • Most number of runs in Test cricket-12,027 at a healthy avaerage of 54.02
  • Most centuries in Test cricket- 39
  • Most number of runs in ODIs-16,361
  • Most centuries in ODIs.-42

If you think your job has stress caused by expectations, stop of think for a moment of the continual stress Tendulkar has been playing under. Each time he walks out to bat- unfairly perhaps- millions of fans want him to score a century or win a game for the country. The fact that he has remained relatively unruffled speaks volumes of his mental toughness and dedicatin.

You cannot fight Anno Domini beyond a point. He is aged 35 and though there is a lot of speculation as to whether he will stay till the 2011 World Cup- which is really not too far away-I hope he retires with dignity and goes away in glory. If ever someone deserves to be congratulated for a lifetime of dedication to cricket under difficult circumstances, it is Sachin Tendulkat- The Little Master.

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