While many engaged in the executive coaching field- coaches and coachees alike- proclaim that they have benefited from the engagement, it is re-assuring to see that surveys seem to re-affirm the benefits of executive coaching. I came across such a report, posted by Ira Kalbrosky in the Fast Company.

This speaks of a study done by Clear Coaching in October-December 2006. They found the following listed as tangible benefits by companies participating in the survey:

  • increasing perception (63 % )
  • acquiring a new skill or improving on an existing one (50 % )
  • improving work relationships within a team (50 % )
  • being able to see other perspectives (47 % )
  • applying some clarity to work life (43 % )
  • increasing motivation (43 % )
  • performance approved (43 % )

It is interesting to find that amongst the negative factors, companies found that coachees became too dependent on the coach and were reluctant to end the coaching engagement.

I believe that the secret of success in a coaching engagement is your ability to let go – to disengage-at the right time. When the executive concerned gains the confidence to do things on his own- without getting too dependent on you. After all, in a sense you are the guide – not a crutch.

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