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Lists of any type have a fascination for most people. When the list is of the Best Employers in the IT industry, naturally the interest level is that much higher. As you know, the IT industry continues to be one of the main drivers of India’s growing economy. Despite all that’s happening in the United States in the recent past.

The Dataquest-IDC survey polled nearly 3000 respondents across 33 IT companies in India. It is interesting to find that companies which were relatively smaller ( workforce of less than 4000) seemed to be doing better as Best Employers- making up, as they do, 50 % of the Top 20 list.

The eighth annual Dataquest-IDC Best Employers Survey ranked the companies on employee satisfaction (80 percent weightage) and HR score (20 percent weightage). The HR score included quantitative parameters like size, growth, employee growth, retention and HR initiatives.

The Top 10 in the Best Employers were:-
1. IGate Global Solution


3. HCL Infosystems

4. Rolta India

5. Microsoft India

6. Tata Consultancy Service

7. SAS Institute Pvt Ltd

8. Synechron

9. Tavant Technology

10. Span Infotech India

There were 9 new entrants in the top 20 list. It appears thatsome of the large companies like Capgemini, Cognizant, CSC, IBM, Infosys and Wipro did not participate in the survey this year.

Half the respondents surveyed said that salary and compensation were the top reasons to leave the company. Other parameters included growth opportunity, overseas opportunity, location of the company and flexible office hours or work-life balance.

It is perfectly understandable that work-life balance, which was the number eight reason for leaving in the 2006 and 2007, moved up for the first time this year to be one of the top five reasons to change a job.

I guess people are becoming more conscious of the need to lead a more fulfilling life. Superior and innovative people practices can help steer your organisation to be part of this elite group of coveted employers.

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