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In times of business crisis, when large numbers of the workforce are on tenterhooks- do they still have a job? If so, on what revised terms? What are the changes they are headed for?  In such a context, one portfolio in the top management team which comes into a lot of attention is the Head of HR. Some may argue that at other times, this person is seldom seen though often heard.

What kind of person would fit the bill to head HR in difficult times? I believe it would be an individual who has the following:

  • Intense experience of the business at a operating level
  • a good feel for numbers that matter- and a need to junk those that don’t
  • capability to deal positively with media regarding workforce issues- something inevitable in today’s connected world.

And of course, last but not the least the individual must be “good with people” not necessarily ” good to people”.

For insight into this interesting topic see what Coach John G. Agno writes in his The Leadership Blog on this topic.

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