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To most computer users Intel is a company we know of for the chips they develop which keeps our machines going. Indeed, “Intel Inside” has become a well known brand campaign. One man who can be justifiably proud today- and in turn we are proud of him and his team in Bengaluru, India- is Praveen Vishakantaiah.

I was delighted to read in the Business Standard about this alumnus of the REC Trichy, now called the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, This is one of India’s finest engineering schools. After his graduation, Pravenn did his Masters and Ph.D at the University of Texas at Austin. He has been with Intel since 1993. It is very ceridtable that in 15 years he has grown to now head Intel’s operation in India as its President.

It is a matter of pride for Praveen that his India based team has developed a new  high performance six-core microprocessor. Some years ago, there was intense disappointment when one of Intel’s much talked about projects meant to take off in bengaluru was scrapped. I am sure Praveen and his team have demonstrated by their recent achievement that the capabilities of Indian talent is not restricted – as is widely imagined-to basic coding and grunt work.

I find two things striking about Praveen Vishakantaiah- and no, I am not biased because he is from Bengaluru- the first that he is a hard core tech guy who has shown he is capable of handling multiple responsibilities at a very high level. Secondly, he seems to be a strong motivator because not only was this project successfully delivered  but he also delivered ahead of schedule.

I am sure there was a huge amount of team effort behind this success. Though this post speaks of Praveen Vishakantaiah, my congratulations go out to all who were involved in the Intel team at Bangalore.

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