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On September 3, the Republican Party had its convention at St. Paul, Minnesota in the course of which Senator John McCain formally became the Republican Party’s candidate for the President of the United States. In a move that surprised most, Sen. McCain named the relatively unknown 44 year old Governor of Alaska to be his running mate. Sarah Palin, was not that well known outside of Alaska, though she was the first woman and the youngest person to become the Governor of Alaska.

Her nomination- coming as it did- ahead of many Party veterans  took people , including I am sure the Democrats totally by surprise. Naturally there was an air of expectation. Delegates to the Republican Convenation were eager to see and hear their new Vice Presidential nominee. In such a context, Ms. Palin gave, what struck me as a very impactful presentation.

The entire speech is about 36 minutes in length but it had all the hallmarks of an impactful presentation.

  • It kept the sudience in mind.
  • It used imagery they would easlisy understand and relate to
  • It came across as a person to person talk

I am not commenting on the political aspects of her speech. I say that as far as getting their attention, support and energizing the audience were concerned, Sarah Palin deserves an A +.

The New York Times has the speech by Governor Sarah Palin, now the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States. Listen well because as someone said, if McCain were to win the election, Sarah Palin would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States.

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