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All over the world, the number of women at work is increasing rapidly. In India, for example, women make up a substantial part of the workforce in many industries especially in the Information Technology and IT Enabled Services businesses.

Hannah Seligson, a free lance writer and journalist, has a thought provoking article in the New York Times called ” Girl Power at School, But Not At the Office”. In this she speaks of the challenges that girls in particular face when they transit from the college classroom to the corporate cubicle.

As she points out, this transition is a challenge for everyone- boys included but girls seem to have to face more challenges than boys. I have observed that girls need to be far more determined than boys to progress in the corporate world. They need to demonstrate higher commitment as also probably higher levels of performance than most men in comparable positions.

In such a context, it is to their great credit that people like PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi have made it to the very top. She is today the Chairman & CEO of the world’s 4th largest food and beverage corporation.

This article then led me to a forum in which Hannah often posts called Damsels in Success – The Professional Women’s Forum-which make for interesting reading for career conscious women.

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