My friend, Mike Chitty has an interesting post titled ” Why Do Managers Duck People Management ?”.

He starts with a quote from research from IBM and the Human Capital Institute which says that 84 % of organisations know that workforce effectiveness is important to achieving business results but only 42 % of those surveyed say managers devote sufficient time for people management.

To me the best managers have been those who are “good with people”. I clarify that being ” good with people” is not the same as being ” good to people”. Effective managers know when to be tough and demanding at the same time know when to be sensitive and understanding. Being good with people does not mean pampering to their every whim.

As is often said, management at the end of the day is not a popularity contest. We should seek to be effective managers rather than popular managers. If you can be effective and popular, you have the best of both worlds.

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