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In a recent party the level of conversation surprised me. People simply didn’t seem to have much to say….about anything. After the initial greetings and perfunctory pleasantries, people huddled in various corners- taking sneak looks at their PDA’s, picking up the latest from their Blackberrys and looking for that next call- the one which they were waiting for.

The electronic gadgetry seems to have replaced our ability to make intelligent conversation. Why that, at times, these gadgets seem to possess us- irrespective of where we are or what we do. I saw a few days ago, a young lady try to cross a busy road in Bengaluru, more intent on the mobile phone in her hand and the message she was sending out. She seemed totally oblivious to the crazy traffic virtually all around her.

I thought this kind of thing happens only in India. A recent article by Ben Stein in the New York Times cheers me up. I guess this phenomenon of being locked in to gadgetry is really universal.

These tools are definitely highly useful and I guess we can’t imagine life without them. Yet can we please try to avoid getting them to control our lives?

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