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Many students feel that the college they studied in determines their future in the job market. At times, I have heard young people say with cynicism : ” He is from XYZ College that’s why he gets all the chances. My college is not well known and therefore I have to struggle more in the job market.” There is some truth in this statement. However, what matters is your capability which can set you apart -irrespective of where you studied. In this context, the story of 22 year old K. Prasanna makes interesting reading.

The student of a little known college in Tamil Nadu, he had on his own applied to Rolls Royce and has been selected with a terrific deal. One that surpasses that of many IIT students. The Economic Times reports that Prasanna, who studied in Kongu Enginnering College, Perundurai has been given a job at Rolls Royce which pays $ 92,000 per year. That’s right, it is $ 92,000. Rolls Royce selected 120 professionals from India this year through open recruitment- Prasanna is one of only two non-IIT ians in this list.

Prasanna will be permitted to do his Masters and Doctoral studies while working with Rolls Royce and can apply for patents based on his work. For this student who is bent upon research, he could not have asked for more. He seems to be a highly talented and focused individual. He got into IIT but chose his college to study his pet subject-mechanical engineering. He has been very active in presenting papers in various conferences despite the limited opportunities he got in his college.

Apparently, Prasanna did not get placement in any of the software companies which came to his campus. I hope they knew what they were doing. It appears to me that their loss is clearly Rolls Royce’s gain.

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