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Everyone knows the importance of a well regulated lifestyle to good health. Yet, many fall prey to strokes, heart attacks and the like- possibly cushioned with the “It Can’t Happen To Me” syndrome. In India, as in the West, it is becoming all too common to find people struck by strokes, heart attacks and the like. Sadly, these are affecting many young lives – largely due to an inappropriate life style. Prevention, as is well said, is better than cure. What then can we do to lessen the chances of such diseases?

In this context, HealthJockey.com writes of a recent research conducted by Stephanie Chiuve at the Harvard School of Public Health. After studying 71,000 men and 44,000 women, the study emphasizes these 5 simple steps to healthy living.

I understand that the study reports that people who follow these steps have 80 % lower risk of getting a stroke than those who don’t.

As mentioned, these steps indicate that the way to a more healthy life is largely in our hands. It is up to us to engage in an appropriate regimen which enables us to enjoy life to the full- without getting caught up in a destructive life style.

The choice, in the end, is ours.

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