I dare say Tom Peters needs no introduction. I have been reading his books since that old favorite- ” In Search of Excellence” came out in 1982. More recently, I have been following his blog with interest.

What I like best about Tom is his writing style- simple, direct and effective. One doesn’t come across much jargon in Tom’s writings. He gives it as it is.

Tom has been generous with sharing his work. One article which I came across that appealed to me – was called ” Top 50 Have Yous“. In this, Tom asks whether you have in the recent past done 50 actions which can enhance your effectiveness.

I enjoyed the article for its direct and practical approach. Here are a few things which all of us know are important but seldom attend to- on one pretext or another.

Go through Tom’s list and make up your own. It could do you-as it did me- a lot of good.

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