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Passion is the fuel to success. if you are passionate about something, you will make every effort to work on the project -despite all difficulties- until you reach the goal. It was delightful to read about what a team of young engineering students at Bangalore’s RV College of Engineering have achieved. Led by Nishant Sarawgi, the team of Mechanical Engineering students have designed a petrol car which gave 200 kms to the litre.

Their work has caught the attention of media and many articles have reported their feat. In Domain-b.com, through an interview with Nishant Sarawgi, the article describes how the Garuda Project was thought off and implemented by this bunch of enthusiastic youngsters. The students hope to show case their car at the SAE Supermileage International Competition in the US and the Shell Eco-Marathon in the UK.

Such a task could not have been carried out without tremendous passion. Sarawgi and his team worked on this for two and a half years with virtually no social life at all. It augurs well for India’s future that youngsters are willing to follow their passion. They strive to overcome the image that Indian students only have theoretical knowledge and are weak at implementation.

Sure, Garuda is not a perfect product. It is a start. It is the end result of commitment and passion- the fuel to success.

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