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Office space being at such a premium these days, it is becoming inevitable to see cubicles sprout in different offices, many packed cheek to jowl. Actually cubicles came into being a long time ago. An article in Fortune which traces the history of cubicles says the earliest cubicle came into being in 1968. Bob Propst, the designer of the original cubicle, worked with the objective of developing office space to increase productivity.

Working in cubicles has brought it’s own set of challenges. The close proximity to each other make for potential disturbances to fellow employees. For occupants of cubicles to be as productive as Propst imagined, they would have to follow a certain etiquette. Doing so, makes life easier for the thousands whospend long hours in these cubicles.

The Economic Times has these useful tips for cubicle etiquette. So the next time, some one close to your cubicle behaves inappropriately, send him/her this list of pointers. 40 years have gone by since the first cubicles made their appearance. They have become such an integral part of the modern workplace that I would imagine they are bound to be there 40 years from now.

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