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I have admired Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo for her achievements in a fiercely competitive corporate world. I must add that we in India tend to take pride in the achievements of people of Indian origin- irrespective of the fact that we don’t know them personally or that while we know of them,  they- in turn- would not be aware of our existence.

Ms. Nooyi has demonstrated that competence can get you into the highest echelons of corporate management in today’s globalized world. A recent article in Forbes gives her the distinction of being the highest paid lady CEO. Her earnings: $ 12. 7 million.

This places her at No.139 in Forbes list of overall Top 500 highly paid CEOs. There were 13 female CEOs in that list with Nooyi being followed by Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon Products. By the way, the highest paid man was Oracle’s Larry Ellison- said to have realised $ 182 million last year from the exercise of vested stock options.

In India, ladies at the helm of corporates is still rather rare. There are a few in family-owned concerns but not too many in professionally managed organisations. We speak of the glass ceiling coming in the way of ladies progressing in their careers to reach the very top.

In this context, Indra Nooyi has been a great role model- more so when you consider that PepsiCo is the world’s largest snack maker. It had net income of $ 1.7 billion on revenues of $ 10 billion last quarter.

I am sure the Madras Christian College and the Indian Institute of Management , Calcutta would be justifiably proud of their former student.

As I said before, Indra Nooyi has made  us Indians proud.

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