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Today’s Times of India carried a small article titled “Hardware, Software & Parenting”. It speaks of the thoughtfulness of Infosys, the Bangalore headquartered tech giant in providing an on-line network for its employees – who are parents. Infosys has around 90,000 employees world wide. As per the article ” over 10,000 of its employees and 15,000 of those employees children across 72 countries are expected to benefit from it”.

The network is designed to provide parenting counseling, demystify work life balance policies and give employees a platform to ask questions and discuss their views with others about their experiences as working parents. The portal also provides useful information about schools, day care facilities and doctors – to those who relocate.

According to Mr. Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor of Infosys ” The initiative is to ensure that parents amongst Infoscians are in a position to contribute effectively to the growth of Infosys by helping them strike the best balance between work and life”.

The network has just been launched in India and will soon be expanded to the US, UK and Australia.

I am sure a forum like this will be very useful to people who pretty much face the same kinds of issues. They can share experiences, offer suggestions and give tips to each other. In life , however, each has their own special circumstances. What works for me may not work for you. However, the initiative itself is laudable. Here is a start in which peers can contribute to make the work-life balance a less of a struggle than it currently is.

Over time, it would be interesting to get feedback on how effective the portal has been.

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