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Sad to read in the New York Times of the demise of Carnegie Mellon University’s Professor of Computer Scinece, Prof. Randy Pausch. Everyone knew that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, diagnosed in September 2006. The end came yesterday – July 25. He was only 47.

Dr. Pausch shot to fame for his lecture in the Last Lecture series at Carnegie Mellon. He did something unusual. He spoke of the fact that he had pancreatic cancer and about his family and his childhood dreams. That lecture has since become a sell out. A book, “The Last Lecture” based on that lecture, has become a best seller in the New York Times. The video of the lecture “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” has been viewed by over 10 million people. The video is fairly long (76 minutes) but is well worth worth watching. Do this at leisure- it has so much meaning.

In a world characterized by bickering and hatred, the deeds of people like Dr. Randy Pausch, who made light of their own suffering to make others lives more enjoyable are truly remarkable.

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