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One of the best books I have read in recent times has been Rajesh Setty’s “Beyond Code“. A little over 115 pages and an easy read. Written in a simple yet effective style, the book delivers what it seeks to do: Give the reader ideas to “learn to distinugish youreself in 9 simple steps.”

The book has intersting concepts and workbook like formats to get you thinking- and doing things to change yourself.

From what I have read about him, Setty has used networking extensively and been a beneficiary of mentoring from some of the biggest names in the business like the legendary Tom Peters.

Amongst the many who have praised the book are David Maister, Guy Kawasaki and it has a foreword by-Tom Peters. Tom writes ” The theory and practice prescribed in Beyond Code are right on. Read it as if your life depends on it. It DOES”.

Rajesh Setty embodies all that Tom Peters wrote about the power of individual branding. I enjoy his blog blog.beyondcode.com as well. Rajesh is a successful entrepreneur and lives in the Silicon Valley.

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