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Many executives, independent professionals and management students are avid bloggers. As bloggers we need to be sensitive about copyright. Ever since I began blogging, I have been conscious of the fact that we should be careful about infringing on other’s copyright. Over the years, two posts that I had made came up for criticism. I apologize.

Though I mentioned that the following was written by ( author’s name) and gave a link to that site, the mistake I made was to reproduce some parts of the text as originally posted. I thought this would be easier for the reader- but I now realize this was inappropriate.

I should have stopped at giving a link.

I was given a link to this article in Smashing magazine which is very informative about copyright. I gained from reading this. I hope this will be of use to other bloggers- particularly those who are relatively new or not so well informed about the intricacies of copyright.

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