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In a recent conference I was struck by the differences between two executives. Executive A – for he shall remain nameless- came across as a live wire. Though he was about 40 years old, data spewed forth like a machine gun. It was very evident that he had his facts and figures on his finger tips. Answers to queries were answered with confidence and they came at a well modulated speed- neither too fast nor too slow. He was alert, maintained good eye contact and made a very favorable impression.

Executive B – who shall also not be named- was a different story altogether. Although he had been on the job longer than A, he was groping for details. His answers were not fluent. They were halting and it appeared that he was straining to put things together in his mind before making a point or answering a question.

His speed of speech was relatively slow, often his eyes wandered and overall he came across as being rather dreamy and slow.

Amongst other things, one thing that stood out was the memory of Executive A . It was by far superior to that of Executive B. Can Executive B be helped to improve his memory? He isn’t that old. He must be in his mid or late 40s. He isn’t 60 +.

Like, Executive B, is your memory playing tricks? Do you find it difficult to remember the thousands of details you are exposed to in the course of your work? Do you find it difficult to remember names, numbers or any other data- especially when you are under tension?

Like I did, you might find the material in Improving Your Memory: Tips & Techniques from Helpguide.org. useful. It has crisp and simple explanations to why we forget and what can be done to improve our memory.

Like any other form of exercise, exercising the memory can enhance its effectiveness. Executive B was advised to take up the challenge and work towards improving his memory.

Do this yourself if you sense you could have a problem. It will go a long way in improving your effectiveness.

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