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What do you think is the biggest worry for the Indian consumer? is it the political situation in our country? Is it the raging inflation which affects his every day life or is it the pressure of work? Live Mint.com has interesting findings which say that for Indians work-life balance is Worry No.1 with 20 % of respondents citing this aspect. On the one hand, the growth in the economy has fueled rapid prosperity for many of the working population. On the other, this has resulted in their having to sacrifice personal time and priorities to meet higher demands at work.

The survey referred to is the bi-annual global survey of consumers conducted by Nielsen, the market research giant. This covered over 28,000 Internet users across the globe. As is obvious, the rankings differed from various parts of the world, depending upon the state of their economy.

The second biggest worry for Indians @ 13 % was the state of the economy. This factor globally was the No. 1 cause for worry with 20 % of global respondents echoing this anxiety.

The factor that came in third for the Indian consumer impressed me. The third biggest worry ( 12 %) was concern for parents’ welfare and happiness. The highest for any Asian country. I like to think that this reflects our traditional values of caring for our parents.

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