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“Are You Addicted to Work?” asked an article in the Times of India some days ago. It spoke of the intense work pressures that many people are subject to. Working 14 or more hours per day is common place. People worry about taking a few days off lest their competitors- both within and outside the organisation -do better than them.

This makes them workaholics– people who are addicted to work.  For them there is no substitute to work- even when they have a day off or are away on vacation. My take is that largely due to peer pressure and a very competitive environment, to-be workaholics often spend more than they can afford.

These days virtually everything is available on credit or through loans- from the latest models in expensive cars to holidays in the most exotic places. It is fantastic while it lasts but then you can’t run away from the fact that the amount has to be paid back. Not only paid back but paid back on time as the penalties for delayed payments or defaults on payments are very steep. This leads to the person having to work more than before just to afford what he already has.

This vicious cycle makes the to-be workaholic a confirmed workaholic over time. Sadly, many don’t have the time- or indeed the energy- to enjoy what they have. What they have acquired through huge amounts of effort and strain.

For the workaholic of this type it seems to be perpetually pay back time. Strange, isn’t it?

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