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The number of vehicles on Bangalore’s roads is growing by the day. It is estimated that there are 2.1 million two-wheelers and 500,000 cars on Bangalore’s bustling, stuffed to the brim roads. Tragedies through road accidents have become a daily affair. Recently, some one I knew was a victim of a road accident. She was being driven, ironically to a hospital to see an ailing relative, when her car was rammed by a rashly driven speeding car resulting in her death.

Overtaking from the wrong side has become more common than overtaking from the right side. Tailgating to the extent of pushing the car ahead to break a signal is becoming common place. Chatting on the mobile while driving seems to have become a style statement. Knowing it is risky perhaps makes it all the more fashionable to those who do it out of habit.

The laws and norms abroad are much tighter. Recently, I read in the New York Times, that California became the 5th state in the US to require drivers to wear headsets with their cell phones. They are planning tougher laws including one forbidding you from driving with your pet on your lap.

The Automobile Association of Singapore has these as Most Common Bad Driving Habits. You and I know that our drivers from Bangalore drive very carefully when they are abroad. Yet the same people become very different in our own country.

To a large extent, the tough fines and the fear of the law make drivers more rule compliant in most countries. The best part of it is that good driving habits not only keep you safe ( more often than not) but also keep you on the right side of law.

Do those extra few minutes that you are rashly trying to save really matter that much? Drive safely- for your sake as also for that of others around you.

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